Artist's Statement:

Please note that the actual artwork quality far exceeds the photographs. They are representational only. Each painting etc... has had to be cropped and re-sized to make it easier to load and activate on a website. My paintings are much more vivid, and life-enhancing.

Further thoughts...

If I were to have an art show, I would call it "Perfection in my Imperfections". Each of my paintings is flawed, as am I. There are small imperfections and there are things that just didn't work out the way I thought they would.

How the paint moves on the paper is different every time due to the moisture in the air, or lack there of, the temperature of the room, the temperature of the paint, and the paper. It's very difficult to control art.

And, for myself, 'control' is what I'm trying to balance within my personality. So I don't fuss or fret over these imperfections, I just allow them to be. I make no apologies for them. I feature them and give them freedom to express, as they will. They add character to my paintings just as my flaws and attributes add character to me. It would be a pretty dull world if everything were perfect.